Green LED Christmas Lights


      These green LED mini lights are a perfect choice for adding a vibrant pop of color to your Christmas tree, wreaths, or garlands. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and can be used for indoor and outdoor decorating. Running up to 210 watts in series makes installations quicker and easier. The durable and weather-resistant construction ensures that they will last for many holiday seasons to come. These lights can also be used for other occasions like St. Patrick's Day or to complement a green-themed party.

      Ways to Use Green LED String Lights

      Are you planning a St Patrick's Day party? Trying to envision your green-themed Christmas tree?

      Terrific parties have delicious food, nice music, and special guests. They will sparkle even more with the right lights. For March and Christmas, green is a fantastic and appropriate choice.

      We love the way our customers are using green light strings in these kinds of projects:

      • Using LED lights as the base of their party theme - both indoor and outside
      • Decorating Christmas trees combined with green and gold ornaments and garland
      • Accenting oversized wreaths on a shopping center exteriors
      • Lighting restaurant patios in March
      • Super-bowl party decorations
      • Accent color for a Irish-style weddings

      See more frequently asked questions and decorating tips below. You can choose from over 10 different styles of lenses to customize your light sets to your individual taste. No need to stick with just one or two choices. 

      More about green LED Christmas lights...

      During the month of March, you'll likely hear and see folks celebrating St. Patrick's Day, especially if you're visiting your local pub or tavern after work or on the weekend.

      Green color LED mini lights are truly appropriate accent for St. Patrick's Day parties, whether you're throwing a get-together for friends at home, the local banquet hall, or your local meeting place.

      Here are Frequently asked questions:

      How many lights can I run in series?

      Our green LED light strings can be run with many more in series than traditional incandescent light. Each string of lights will have the maximum connectivity rating (maximum number that can be run in series) under the Specifications tab for each product.

      Strands can be run from 30 to 125 sets depending on their construction types.

      Can you change out or replace the LED's?

      Yes and no. Be sure to look at the description of the strings you are considering. Our standard sets are made with unibody construction and the bulbs cannot be replaced or interchanged.

      All of the strings labeled as "premium" have a seam at the center of the lens bases. If an LED burns out, you can replace it with one of the two included replacement LED

      We also strongly suggest that you keep your LED light strings connected to a surge protector whether installed inside or out.

      Are these good for restaurant lighting?

      All of our light strands are UL rated for indoor and outdoor use. We've had several commercial customers use these lights both for March and for Christmas decorations.

      Is your logo or signage based on green?

      Echo your corporate colors during the holiday season by saying adding to or replacing you traditional white lights with green LED lights this season.

      Decorating with LED strings - even in large quantities - won't take a bit out of your budget since they use 90% less electricity than traditional lights so consider purchasing an extra couple of light sets.