These cords are commercial-duty and rated for outdoor and indoor projects. Please note that cords and spools longer than 100 feet are not shipped with plugs.

Choosing cords

As a rule of thumb, the choice of a cord is determined primarily by the bulbs chosen for the project. The base size of the bulbs determines the required size of the cord's sockets. After narrowing down that specification, the size of the project determines the spacing and length of the cord. All of these parallel wired cords work with either incandescent or LED bulbs.

E17 Cords

This cord is commonly used to create C9 Christmas light cords. The formal specification for this size is E17 or intermediate. Partner with traditional C9 bulbs for the holidays or round (G30, G40, or G50) bulbs for outdoor decorative lighting. These are commonly used at Christmas by commercial light installers and are become an all-year favorite. Buy them for Christmas and repurpose them for parties. 


This cord is made for traditional C7 bulbs.  The technical description of the socket size on these cords is E12 or candelabra. Also, like C9 cords, they are used to outlines houses and walkways at Christmas and for lighting parties, weddings, and more in the off-season. Choose new strings in green, white, black, or brown.  Purchase these parallel wired cords for Christmas then use them all year with different colors of C7 or round bulbs.

E26 Cords

These medium-base cords have E26 sized sockets. They are rated for outdoor use and are commonly seen in residential backyard lighting projects, and in commercial applications. Commercial applications include restaurant patios, amusement parks, and special events lighting. Pair these cords with large T50 bulbs, elegant S11 and S14 shaped bulbs, and vintage-style Edison bulbs. Compatible with both incandescent and LED.