LED Net Lights


      LED net lights are a fun and easy way to decorate hedges, bushes, and trees for the holiday season. These lights come in a grid-like pattern with evenly spaced bulbs that are designed to drape over your landscaping with ease. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. LED net lights are an energy-efficient option, so you can enjoy a beautiful holiday display without worrying about high electricity bills. These lights are perfect for both residential and commercial use and can add a touch of charm and festivity to any outdoor space.

      Shopping for an easy way to complete your Christmas light display?

      Now that rooflines and walkways have been outlined with LED Christmas light sets, consider accenting your box hedges and shrubs with net lights in similar colors to complete your project.

      How many net lights can I run together?

      You can run from 25 to 43 sets of net lights end to end.  Since they are LED sets, they run at a much lower wattage than traditional sets and allow you to run many more sets from a single plug.  Installations are easier because you don't need to run an extension cord for every 3 sets of net lights.

      Do they heat up?

      No, these net lights are based on semiconductor LED technology and they don't heat up under operation.  

      This makes them a good choice to use with fabrics for use for parties, weddings and showers.  Use them behind dark organza to create a starlight effect for your next event.

      Will they match my LED strands?

      If you purchased your light strands from us then the "like" strands will match the nets.  In other words if you purchased the uni-body construction red strings of LED lights then they'll match the red uni-body construction nets (the LEDs are non-replaceable).  

      If you purchased the deluxe sets then the colors will match the deluxe replaceable nets more closely.

      Be sure to choose the same white as your strands.  Warm blends with warm.  Pure blends with pure but it's a stretch to mix warm and pure in the same project.

      If you purchased strands from another vendor, we can't guarantee that the colors will be perfectly spot on but they should blend nicely.  We've posted non-retouched photos to give you the best idea of our colors.

      LED Net Light Uses

      Our customers for these light sets include: