How many Christmas lights on my tree calculator


      How many lights on my Christmas Tree

      How many lights should I put on my Christmas tree?

      Easy answer: Start with at least 100 mini lights per foot of tree plus an extra set of lights to hang inside the tree along the trunk. That's a great place to start as you plan your tree decorations. If you plan to wrap into the interior of the tree several inches, have a super-wide tree or really like to wow all the evening walkers in your neighborhood, you may want to double that estimate or more.

      Consider there is also vintage C7 and C9 bulbs to consider. We love mixing small and large lights on the same tree. Larger round G30, G40 and G50 bulbs almost look like ornaments on the tree.

      To take these factors into account, we've converted a table that we've been using on our desks next to our phones for several seasons to the handy tool shown below. It will give you a starting place as you make your decision of how many lights to put on your interior and exterior trees this upcoming Christmas Season. The tool will give you an estimate based on the approximate height of the tree you're lighting up and the style of lighting under consideration.

      Keep in mind that all of these numbers are for evergreen trees. If the tree you are decorating is out of doors and has lost its leaves, you might consider half of the number recommended since you can see through the tree.

      How Many Lights Should I Put on My Tree Calculator

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