Glass Icicle Lights

Traditional Icicle Lights
Icicle mini lights are a fantastic set of lights to use for accenting your roofline during the Christmas season. They're a traditional classic but work great for vintage and new homes. They also make fantastic party and patio accents.
Frequently asked questions
How long are your sets?
When comparing our lights to those on other websites, be sure to notice that these strings have 150 mini lights to the string and are approximately 14 horizontal feet long. The mini light bulbs are spaced 4 inches apart and the drops are spaced 6 inches apart along the horizontal run of the lights.
The lengths of the "icicles" or mini lights drops are 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches long.

Decorating with White Icicle Light Strings

Icicle lights have been and continue to be all the rage during the holiday season.

These strands can easily stand alone when it comes to decorating for Christmas but also work together with your C7 and C9 light strands and net lights for a cohesive look.

Decorating Weddings

Weddings decorated with lights are memorable occasions. Icicle lights are the ideal choice to bring sparkle and romance to any event.

Use them for your:

  • Cake table
  • Head table
  • Gift table
  • Buffet table

Cover the lights loosely with organza fabric for a warm, romantic glow. Don't forget the DJ booth or table too!

White trellises are instantly dressed to the nines with just a couple strands.

Decorating Your Ceiling

Would you like to add a bit of sparkle to your ceiling?

Kids love lights hanging from their ceiling and basements can always use some sparkle. Suspend several strands of icicle lights from your ceiling and create a unique chandelier effect by arranging the strands in a circular pattern. This would be especially pretty for a wedding reception, retirement party, or other special occasion.

Decorate for Patriotic Holidays

Your patriotic party, whether it's for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Flag Day, just wouldn't be complete without lights.

  • Light up your patio
    • Red, clear (white), and blue icicle lights are ideal for making your outdoor patio or balcony a festive and fun place to eat, drink and enjoy the company of good friends.
  • Hang the red, white and blue lights on your fences
    • Combined with individual strands of red, clear, and blue mini lights wrapped around tree trunks, drink stations, and suspended from tree branches, you'll create a truly patriotic party atmosphere.