LED String Lights


      These lights are manufactured to resist water and dust penetration so the bulbs cannot be removed or replaced. Check each product's specification table to see the maximum number of strings that can be connected end to end. 

      We love the brilliant whites and variety of colors. Shapes from small 5mm lenses to C7 and C9 style bulbs. Use them to light trees, wrap columns, and make every party brighter. 

      LED string lights have revolutionized the way we decorate our homes and businesses, offering a multitude of benefits over traditional incandescent lights. Their energy efficiency stands out, consuming up to 90% less energy than incandescent lights, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills. This energy efficiency makes them an environmentally friendly choice, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.

      LED string lights also boast exceptional durability, capable of running hundreds of feet in series in a single run. This versatility allows for expansive lighting designs, illuminating large spaces with ease. Moreover, their long lifespan, reaching up to 35,000 hours, eliminates the frequent replacements common with incandescent lights, further reducing costs and maintenance hassles.

      In addition to their energy efficiency and durability, LED string lights excel in their ability to produce a wide spectrum of bright, clear colors. Unlike incandescent lights that tend to emit a warm, yellowish glow, LEDs offer a variety of hues, from cool whites and blues to vibrant reds and greens, catering to diverse decorating preferences and creating stunning visual effects. This versatility makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, adding a touch of elegance and festivity to homes, gardens, and commercial spaces.