12 Volt LED Light Set Warm White Green Wire
5mm lenses
12 Volt LED Light Set Warm White Green Wire
12 Volt LED Light Set Warm White Green Wire
Christmas customer image - so much fun!
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12 Volt LED Light Set Warm White Green Wire


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Want to take a festive feeling with you when you travel? This 12 Volt LED light set is the solution!

You can hang, wrap or attach these warm white light sets to almost anything.

Taking the family camping this weekend? They are an ideal choice for brightening up your campsite as well as making your little neck of the woods an instant party.

Consider using them in your golf cart to light up a neighborhood parade.

If you really want to take the fun on the road, use them in your car on a cross country trip. Those miles will fade away while the family sings cheerfully inside your lighted mini-van!

Each light string has a 15-foot extension cord with male car accessory style plug, and the separate lit length of lights has proprietary low-current male and female end plugs,

These LED string lights are manufactured with 20 5mm (5mm, 5mm) bulbs on green wire, with 6 inches of wire between each lens.

You can run up to 30 of these light strings in series. Each light string is packaged with an extension cord that has a male accessory plug on one end and a custom plug on the other. Each 10-foot light section has a single pole male/female light set. If you run your lights in series, you may not need all of the adapter cables. Be sure to set a few aside in case you need it for future projects.

They are both moisture and weather-resistant and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications safely.

Troubleshooting Tips

The accessory plug does have a fuse that can be accessed by unscrewing the silver tip. If your light set goes completely out, this is more than likely the cause.


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Specifications and Dimensions

Glass or LED LED Maximum Sets Run in Series 30
Color of Bulbs Warm White Cert. UL Approved
Color of Wire Green Warm Up During Operation No
Number of Bulbs 20 Plug Type DC Barrell Plug
Spacing between bulbs 6 inches approx Dimmable No
Bulb Shape 5mm Maximum Current
Replaceable Bulbs No Voltage 12 Volt DC
Total Length Manufactured in 2 sections: 15-foot cord with accessory plug plus a 10-foot section with 9.5 feet lit length (plugs on each end of lit section allow user to run sets end to end) Power
Lit Length 9.5 feet, approx.
Lead Wire Length (Distance between male plug and first light) 6 inches Bulb Height 1/4 inch
Tail Wire Length (distance between last bulb and female plug) 6 inches Bulb Width 3/16 inch
Gauge of Wire 22 AWG Bulb Diameter .2 inch
Potential Lifespan Estimate 35,000 hours
Application Indoor/Outdoor Warranty 90 Days of Normal Seasonal Use
Additional Info Bulbs cannot be removed, replaced, or exchanged between sets Additional Info

For CA Residents: Prop 65 Notice

Questions and Answers

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  • Are these dimmable?

    They are not considered dimmable.  When the current is dropped below a certain threshold, the lights turn off completely.

  • what is the amps or watts for the 12v christmas lights?

    The light sets pull about .01 amps. Hope that helps!!

  • How many amps does a single string of 20 draw?

    They draw about .1 amps per string.

  • Can I cut off the cigarette lighter part off and splice it into my landscape lighting wire to my transformer? Can I cut the excessive 15' extension cord part and splice it back into the connector to make it much shorter? Sorry I don't know much about electricity

    While these lights are designed to be used with a 12-volt DC battery, we do have customers using them for the type of project you are describing. The only issue is related to the lack of rectification and resultant flicker which is most noticeable when lights are in motion. You might experiment with a single set of lights to see if they are compatible with your system before connecting them all into the system. #commonsense I hope that helps answer your question - let us know if you have others.

  • I would like to use these 12 volt DC string lights as part of a 12 volt AC landscape lighting set up. Will they run on 12 volt AC power? Thanks!

    While these lights are designed to be used with a 12-volt DC battery, we do have customers using them for the type of project you are describing. The only issue is related to the lack of rectification and resultant flicker which is most noticeable when lights are in motion. You might experiment with a single set of lights to see if they are compatible with your system before connecting them all into the system. #commonsense

  • How many strands would I need for a wreath that is 2 ft in diameter so that it looks good? I was thinking one would be enough but would like some advice.

    I think you are correct. One should be just fine.

  • I see you state the lights might flicker when moved if hooked up to a 12V low voltage landscape lighting system. However, what if the transformers' output is 12V DC?

    The 12 volt landscape transformers are AC, your 12 volt battery is DC. The light strands are rectified when on DC but not on AC. That is why they might flicker.

  • Can these be hooked up to landscape power which is 12V, but generally AC?

    While these lights are designed to be used with a 12-volt DC battery, we do have customers using them for the type of project you are describing. The only issue is related to the lack of rectification and resultant flicker which is most noticeable when lights are in motion. You might experiment with a single set of lights to see if they are compatible with your system before connecting them all into the system. #commonsense

  • Can these be used outside?

    Yes, these string lights are rated for indoor/outdoor operation. Keep in mind that they are water resistant, not waterproof and should not be submerged in water or mud.

  • Can you hook multiple strings together

    Yes, each light portion of the light string has a male/female connector set that allows them to be run end to end. Only one adapter cord and accessory plug is required per circuit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
George H. (Cypress, TX)
Exactly what I needed

I needed 12v lights for a light display at my church. I was using a DMX decoder that supplies 12v power and finding 12v DC compatible LED strands is surprisingly difficult. So glad I found these! They're very bright - brighter than I expected - which was a pleasant surprise. While they're not supposed to be dimmable, at least in my use-case, they actually do dim pretty well. If you're a lighting engineer just note that the dimming curve isn't great. Just takes some fiddling with to dial it in. They told me they aren't dimmable - so depending on how you're doing to dim them, your milage may vary. For me, it works great. Photo is NOT at max brightness. It's about 20%. In the video, the max brightness I set the twinkle to is about 60%. The lights from Christmas Light Source are the ones on stage under the screens.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
John (Greensboro, NC)
Simple lights that worked as advertised

I wanted some white Christmas lights to put on a wreath on the front of my pickup, and these were perfect. I straight-wired them to the battery using a 1-amp fuse and never unplugged them without any battery issues. I was told they only draw 0.1 amps, so it would take weeks for it to drain a healthy car battery. For my wife's car, I used an "add-a-circuit" fuse device and had them come off the headlights so they'd only be on at night. They've held up well, and have a fantastic "natural" white color to them. And these lights don't "flicker" like LEDs from AC current do.

Ryan M. (Yorba Linda, CA)
Perfect for my car

I tried sourcing other 12v lights but ultimately the options appear limited on the internet or I'm doing a terrible job searching. Last year, I put a wreath on the front brush guard of my Hummer. This year, I wanted to upgrade it with some lights. These lights were the perfect solution. They run on 12v DC so I was able to cut the wire and use an add-a-fuse to my fuse box for power. It's nice that they include a wiring harness for each set that you order. Since I got 2x, I have a back up wiring harness for the aux port if I ever need it and I can always add more lights since they all chain together.

Tom L. (Austin, TX)
Great for Solar Powered Wreaths

We have an entrance sign to our subdivision with lighting supplied by a small 12V DC solar system. For the holidays we added two wreaths each wrapped with a 12 Volt LED Warm White Light Sets. The additional current draw is about 300 mA, which is very manageable, with our system. We weren't sure if one or two strings would be needed per wreath, but a quick email from Christmas Light Source indicated that one would be sufficient. Sure enough, the lights look great. To connect the lights we bought two Cigarette Lighter Female Sockets from Amazon and wired them in parallel to the solar system.

Thank you very much for your review and photo. We're glad that our advice worked out and you found an easily solution to lighting your wreaths. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Ashley (Fort Mill, SC)
Bright and amazing!

I bought these to decorate the luggage rack on my car with and they work out just great! I just plug them into my cigarette lighter, wrap them around whatever I want, and I'm good to go! Definitely recommend!

Rob (Frisco, TX)
Low Voltage Lighting addition

I ordered these to connect to my low voltage lighting transformer for some accent lighting in my yard. They look fantastic! Work as I had hoped and my wife could not be happier. Win-win.

Great product. Will be buying more.

So pleased to have discovered these lights. I'll describe my use for them as it may help others with similar needs. I have a remote property and a wall tent structure that measures appox. 11'x14'. I needed lighting and wanted to avoid running my portable generator or using the Coleman lanterns AND wanted to create some ambiance for romantic dinners on the deck. These lights proved to be the ticket. I use a small solar array and control unit to charge a 12volt deep cycle battery then hook it to a car adaptor (the one suggested by this company on their 12v lighting video--from Amazon), then I string five strings of lights in series. Let me tell you, these lights are great. The put out a warm white light that gives more useable light than lanterns. I have three running inside the tent and #4 and #5 outside lighting the deck. Could not be happier. I'm going to buy several more strings in order to light a 20' shipping container that I recently placed on the property for secure storage. Get these lights. You won't regret it.

Teresa M. (Monroe, NY)
Great service and product!

Found this business but had questions before I ordered so I called and the gentleman on phone could not have been more helpful and kind. Love the 12 volt lights we purchased to decorate the bus and all the kids love it! We will definitely purchase more for other buses. Thank you all so much😊

Chad (Salem, OR)
Great lights

Lights were shipped and received fast. Installed on a wreath for our truck with ease and worked great

patrick c. (Oregon City, OR)
Working great

Easy to use everything is working as they should. Nice and bright clean color. Installed on my 12v landscape lighting system. Reason i give 4 stars is i had to buy the 12v AC to 12v DC rectifier elsewhere. Surprised this isn't offered, but no big deal.

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