12 Volt LED Light Set Multicolor on Green Wire


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Light cars, boats, campers, golf carts, and more. Installing these lights on a small wreath and attaching them to the grill of a truck or car will make a holiday statement on the freeway.

The colors on this multi-string include: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

Our customers use these custom-designed and manufactured 12-volt light strings to decorate these types of projects:

  • golf carts
  • Rv's
  • flatbed trailers
  • trains
  • school buses

These LED string lights are manufactured in two sections. One section has 20 LED bulbs spaced 6 inches apart. The second section is a 15-foot length of wire with a male accessory plug on one end and a female coaxial-style plug on the other. Up to 30 light sections can be run in series.

The bulbs are permanently installed in bases to resist water and weather better. These light sets are warranted for 90 days of regular, seasonal use.


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Specifications and Dimensions

Glass or LED LED Maximum Sets Run in Series 30
Color of Bulbs Multicolor (B,G,O,R,Y) Cert. UL Approved
Color of Wire Green Warm Up During Operation No
Number of Bulbs 20 Plug Type DC Barrell Plug
Spacing between bulbs 6 inches approx Dimmable No
Bulb Shape 5mm Maximum Current
Replaceable Bulbs No Voltage 12 Volt DC
Total Length 15' cord, 9.5' lights Power
Lit Length 9.5 feet, approx.
Lead Wire Length (Distance between male plug and first light) 6 inches Bulb Height 1/4 inch
Tail Wire Length (distance between last bulb and female plug) 6 inches Bulb Width 3/16 inch
Gauge of Wire 22 AWG Bulb Diameter .2 inch
Potential Lifespan Estimate 35,000 hours
Application Indoor/
Warranty 90 Days of Normal Seasonal Use
Additional Info Bulbs cannot be removed, replaced, or exchanged between sets Additional Info

For CA Residents: Prop 65 Notice

Questions and Answers

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  • How many watts is each strand or each bulb

    Each strand pulls .01 AMPS

  • Sorry, I am still not getting how these connect in a series. Are you saying that each set has the cigarette lighter plug and extension cord? that would be a lot of extra extension cords that are not being used if one connects multiple sets.

    In each package, there are 2 wires. The power cord that plugs into the 12 volt receptacle and the light string that plugs into the power cord or it can plug into the end of another light strings. You can plug multiple light string into 1 power cord. Please look at the pictures and watch the videos on these pages. That should help. https://www.christmas-light-source.com/collections/12-volt-led-lights-c-253

  • What is the current draw with 30 sets in series?

    Hello. Unfortunately, we do not have that information. Sorry.

  • Do you also sell a 12 volt light sensor I could use with these lights?? I would like them to come on at dusk.

    Unfortunately, no. Customers have bought items from their auto parts store to customize their strings to flash and other functions.

  • Can I order only extra strands of lights without the cig plug in?

    Unfortunately, the manufacturer only offer them to us as a package. Sorry

  • can your 12 volt led xmas lites work on 12 volt ac landscape light supply

    While these lights are designed to be used with a 12-volt DC battery, we do have customers using them for the type of project you are describing. The only issue is related to the lack of rectification and resultant flicker which is most noticeable when lights are in motion. You might experiment with a single set of lights to see if they are compatible with your system before connecting them all into the system. #commonsense

  • Can I cut off plug, attach alligator clips, and attach direct to battery?

    Consider using a 12 volt accessory socket to alligator clips adapter. LED light strings are extremely low current and modifications such as splicing can affect the performance of the strand.

  • can more than one of these sets be connected together?

    Yes, you can run up to 30 of these light strings in series. They are rated at a 0.1 amp current draw so you'll need to keep that in mind. Each set does come with a 15 foot extension with an accessory plug on one end and a female plug on the other. The sets and extensions are packaged together so you'll have extensions left over. (But you only have to use one to get your series circuit going.)

  • If I bought two sets of these would they connect to one single cigarette plug? Like instead of 9 feet of lights I'd have one single lead of 18 feet?

    Yes, that's exactly how these light strings work. You'd have one leftover 15-foot lead wire to save in case you need it for the future. These lights can be run end to end up to 30 light sections in series.

  • Can I run the 12 volt car/parade lights from a 120>12 volt outdoor lighting transformer?

    We do have customers that have had success doing this even though these are manufactured for DC operation. Keep in mind that there will be some flicker that will be noticeable if the lights swing (there are no inline rectifiers) and the lifespan of the light string might be shortened. Be sure to test your system with a single string of lights as a precaution before connecting them all in series.

  • The web page does not tell me how many lights there per string?

    This string of lights has 20 LEDs (light) spaced 6 inches apart.


    This set of lights does not blink but has steady always-on operation. I'll send your question to our purchasing department as something to consider for the future.

  • Hi I have a rechargeable 12V battery (for kids toy cars), how can I connect these lights to it? They have a positive and a negative connector. Thanks Roger

    These sets require .01 amps per strand so based on the specification of your battery, I'm not sure how much time you'd get out of one charge - be sure to put pen to paper on that. Not knowing what type of terminals you have you might consider one of these solutions: 12 Volt Accessory Plug to Clip Adapter Cable or a similar style adapter to terminals that would work for your battery. I used one of these adapters with the female accessory plug and two alligator clips and they worked great!!! You don't have to worry about positive and negative.

  • How many lights per strand? Looking for Christmas light strands (LED) with 40+ lights per strand. Available? Thanks so much.

    These strings have 20 LED lights to the strand. You can run two sets in series. Each set comes with a 15-foot extension wire that has a car accessory plug on one end and a female connector on the other. The lights portion has a female plug on one end and a male plug on the other. You can run up to 30 sets in series.

  • This likes won't drain my battery? Do I need extra power to use it in my car?

    These lights will actually (more than likely) draw less electricity than your car radio. So, you'll be fine plugging these lights into your car's accessory plug. Your car battery can handle powering the lights just fine if it is in normal working condition. Just don't leave them plugged in and on for a long period of time while the engine is turned off or they might run your battery down. Hope that helps, let us know if you have other questions.

  • Can these be connected to a 120/12v AC magnetic transformer?

    These lights have an plug that works with a car accessory outlet and are for use with a 12 volt DC input waveform. If your magnetic transformer has an AC output, it's not going to work properly.

  • Does the product "12 Volt LED Light Set Multi Green Wire", "12V-49117R" support twinkling mode for the LED lights? Thanks!

    These lights are manufactured to operate steady on - either on or off. They do not have a twinkle mode. They can be flashed on and off but keep in mind that flashing LED light strings quickly on and off will shorten the life of the LEDs.

  • How long are the strands of lights

    These light strings have a 15-foot extension wire that has an accessory adapter and an end connector that connects to a separate section of lights that is 10 feet long (9.5 lit length). There are 20 lights spaced 6 inches apart. You can run the lit part of the string from several sets end to end and only use one extension cable. (Be sure to save any extra extension cords. They might come in handy.)

  • How long are the strings of 12v LED lights?

    The light strings have 20 LEDs spaced 6 inches apart so the lit length is 9.5 feet. There is a short tail on the strand before the male connector. The extension cord that has an accessory plug on one end and a female connector on the other is 15 feet long. The extension cord is detachable and you can run up to 30 strings in series. Each set is rated at 0.1 amps.

  • What technique have people used to attach these around a truck bed?

    If you have chrome rails, zip ties or velcro ties are a great way to attach these light strings to the top edge of the bed of your truck. Try to take advantage of any tie down anchors for securing your lights with zip ties as well. You might consider attaching these light strings to the interior of your truck bed with 3M non-damaging adhesive installed hooks. We do have customers who use magnetic clips to attach light strings to their vehicles but they do this only to vehicles that are used primarily for their Christmas light displays and any damage to the paint or finish is not a priority. (If you love your paint job, don't use anything to directly install lights on the paint.) For short term installation, you might consider using painter's tape. Be sure to do a quick spot test of your automotive finish and err or the side of caution. Hope that helps get you started as you make plans to decorate your truck.

  • Will these lights twinkle? I need a set for golf cart application. Thanks!

    I'm sorry but these sets are steady on - no twinkle. We wouldn't want to mesmerize your golfing competition. We do have quite a few customers using these lights on their golf carts - we'd love to see a photo of yours! No, these lights don't twinkle and they work great on my golf cart.


    I clipped the ends off a set of these and connected them into my landscape lighting and they look fine. They look weird when you move them but when they are wrapped around my tree, it's not a problem.

  • How much do the 12 volt LED Christmas lights draw?

    Each strand draws 0.1 amps.

  • Do you have any LED 12 volt DC lights that twinkle, flash, chase?

    currently all of our LED lights are steady on. Your question has been forwarded to purchasing for possible additions to the line in the future.

  • Does this string of lights have a twinkle setting?

    This light string is steady-on. There is currently not a twinkle or flashing setting. I'll forward your question to our purchasing department for consideration in the future.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Ian S. (Westfield, NJ)
Lit Up the Boat

Very easy to set these lights up, wrapped them around my grille! The colors are what you’d expect from LED mini lights; nice and bright. Plenty of length is provided as well.

Trent G. (Arlington, WA)
Jaspers first Christmas 🎄 parade

Great lights, very easy to install, very bright.

A.C. (West Hartford, CT)
Just what I needed

I’ve always wanted to install Christmas lights on my car for December, so i gave this company a try. They were extremely quick with delivery, and the installation was super easy. 10/10!

Angela W. (Lake Odessa, MI)
Decorative daughter

10 year lives Christmas and had the idea to fo this to our H3. Everyone compliments her on her Christmas spirit. Thank you

J.D. M.C.E. (Southbury, CT)
Fire Apparatus Christmas

These lights are EXACTLY what I was looking for! Fantastic, that the power cord unplugs from the light string. Makes it easy to run the power, then plug it into the lights. Purchased two sets, for the wreaths on two of our engines. Look great, we leave them on all of the time.

Gary h. (Alexandria, LA)
Just what Clark needed for the Truckster.

First ever lights for the Griswold.

Looks great!!

Austin (Albany, OR)
Merry and Bright

These lights are so cool! I keep getting compliments, and they were very easy to get set up.

l.b. (San Antonio, FL)
Look great

I have ordered sets of these and have them on our vehicles and my son put them on his boat and golf cart. All work perfectly and get lots of compliments.

Chris W. (Brandon, FL)
12V DC Multi-color Xmas Lights

Pre-purchase customer service provided prompt and clear response. Purchased 30 strings of these hard-to-find 12V DC LED lights to decorate my boat. They arrived individually wrapped (nice) but each string was heavily twisted so that it required several minutes to straighten each string prior to decorating (30 strings * 3 minutes = 90 minutes just to straighten the strings). Fortunately each string is only ~10’ which makes it easier to untwist that it would be for a longer string.
Two of the 30 strings flicker, but the rest of them look great.

PFord (Streator, IL)

EXACTLY what I was looking for. Added them to my sXs for our Christmas ride and they were a absolute hit.

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