Get This Look: Grey Truck, 12 Volt Light Strings

12 volt lights on truck

We love to hear this kind of customer feedback. And we'll think about expanding this product line!

Used this lights on the outside of a company vehicle for a socially distanced Christmas event. They lit up great, and I'm very grateful to have found 12v accessory plug string lights. They're hard to come by! One of the connectors fell loose once during my drive, but other than that, worked perfect and were nice and bright. Would LOVE more colors so we can continue to do things like this. Trying to find pink, red, purple, on white wire for Valentine's day, can't seem to find them anywhere! Would love a color expansion! :) Marissa in Bowling Green

This project is based on an order that includes 15 sets of 12-volt LED string lights. When calculating how many strings will be required, keep in mind that each set of lights is constructed with 9.5 feet of lit length. Each set ships with a light string plus a 15-foot power adapter cord.

Our customers have use painter's tape, zip ties, and sticky glue dots to secure lights to their vehicles. Be sure to test whatever method you choose in an inconspicuous place. And most of all, have fun and light up the night!

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