Clear Mini Lights on Green Wire

      White (clear) lights on green wire is one of our most popular family of Christmas light strings. Consider ordering a few extra strands to use outside of the Season to light parties, weddings, and hot Friday evenings in July. Note that these light strings have 3 different bulbs spacings - 2.5, 4, and 6 inches - constructed with 50 or 100 lights to the strand. The length of each string light is determined by the number of bulbs and the spacing, and it is listed on each product’s specification table.

      Ways to use white mini lights with green wire

      As mentioned above, white lights are the quintessential Christmas tree lights. The 4 inch spacing is the most common used because it strikes a fine balance between wire length to number of lights. It allows for a good amount of twist and on smaller branches, gives even coverage (you won't just get one row of lights where the strands hit on each side of the branches).

      Our 2.5 inch spaced white lights are frequently used on yard sculpture in conjunction with our sculpture light clips. You can also install the lights with zip ties or clips that may have come with your sculptures. Plan to replace the entire set of lights on your sculptures if you are experiencing a cascade failure due to age or environment. It's almost impossible to replace just the bulbs. There is variation in the construction of the bases of the mini lights and mini light bulbs can be rated at many different voltage levels.

      Our 6 inch spaced white lights on green wire are good where you need extra distance coverage. Our 50 and 100-light sets are 25 and 50 feet long, respectively. These light sets are commonly used for outlining doors and windows and wrapping especially large tree trunks. Swagging these lights on your patio is also a great use for them as well.

      These are just a few ways that you can use this category of lights. Whether traditional or outside of the box, it may be worth your while to order an extra couple of sets of these lights to use outside of the Holiday season.