Our Top 5 White Christmas Light Choices!

Our Top 5 White Christmas Light Choices!

White Christmas lights are the classic and timeless Christmas light choice for folks across the country. For many of our customers, they are the BEST Christmas light!!! (And they are quite passionate about it!)

Truly a classic, a favorite of HOAs and traditionalists, here are a few of our favorite white lights to help you choose the best light strings, bulbs, and cords for this year's display. We've given our favorite suggestion with links in both Traditional (glass, incandescent) and LED versions of each.

1. White Christmas tree lights on green or white wire. These are the traditional string light used for lighting Christmas trees. These are also perfect for:

  • wrapping columns
  • lighting irregularly shaped shrubs
  • lighting tree branches and trunks
  • lighting wreaths and garlands

Traditional: Incandescent White Christmas tree (mini) lights
LED: Warm white LED light strings

2. White Bulbs and Cords. Shaped in traditional C7 and C9 sizes, round, oblong, white bulbs purchased and installed in cords with the appropriate socket size are a Christmas light tradition most of us remember from our childhood, and they are still the number one way to light a roofline.

These personalized bulbs and cords are also perfect to combine with stakes to outline sidewalks and flower beds.

Mix white twinkle bulbs in at a 20-30% rate to add a little old school flash to a roofline installation.

Our favorite bulb and cord combination for Christmas that works all year is our C9 cord with 36-inch spacing between sockets partnered with a box of white twinkle bulbs. Installed in a tree without leaves, the apparent random wide-spaced twinkles are fantastic.

Traditional: Classic White C9 Bulbs
LED: Warm White C9 LED Bulbs

Match Christmas light cords with white, green, black, or brown wire to these C9 bulbs.

3. White net lights. Manufactured on either white or green wire, these huge rectangles of lights bring an impressive pop of white to shrubs and are a great choice for wrapping larger tree trunks.

Easy to and quick to install — no ladders required. Nets combine well with outlining the roofline for a cohesive display that has more oomph than outlining alone.

Traditional: White Incandescent Net Lights
LED: Warm White LED Net Lights

4. White icicle lights. Choose either white or green wire to match trim, siding, or snow. Many folks use these lights along their rooflines alone or combine with C7 or C9 bulbs and cords for an over-the-top outline.

Traditional: White Icicle Lights on White Wire
LED: LED icicle lights

5. White rope light. An emerging choice for outlining rooflines and outbuildings. Combine white rope light with the right clips to install them at the shingle's edge.

Traditional: White Incandescent Rope Light
LED: White LED Rope Light

Rope light is also a great choice for outlining a walkway, lighting a fenceline, or lighting the way down to a boat dock.

White is pure, straightforward and casts a comforting warm glow that is nostalgic for many of our customers (and for us as well). Start with strings of lights, then branch out to include the rooflines, flower beds, shrubs, and trees.

A Christmas tree in the front window will be the centerpiece of an impressive Christmas light display.

Are you a fan of white? Or do you prefer a color? Share your thoughts in the comments below.