Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece - Snowglobe

December or January, this project is a perfect project to brighten a dining table, accent table or entryway.


  • A large glass vase
  • Faux snow
  • Battery lights
  • Accent objects like little trees

We started with a simple, oversized, glass globe. Purchased at Michael's with a discount coupon it was between $20-$30. A large cylindrical, round, or square vase would work nicely as well.

Be sure to handle a sphere like this by cradling it with two hands at the base. Grabbing it quickly by the edge with one hand will shatter it. (We promise. And it will shatter unexpectedly loudly as well!)

Incredibly versatile large glass sphere vase.

Next, faux snow! This is the winter equivalent of glitter so we keep it contained!! Look out for this to go on sale and stock up!

We grabbed 3 strings of pure white battery lights for this project to reinforce an icy feel in the project. Warm white would also work well if that's what you have on hand.

Here is our fun collection of little bottle-brush Christmas trees. We purchased these in bulk online and have seen them in hobby and craft stores. We enjoy having a wide variety of sizes and colors.


Turn on the battery lights and gently smoosh them into the base of the vase.

Add the snow and press the wires of the lights down into the fake snowbanks. Don't work too hard, let the light wires bend and move around organically. This is a 5 minute project.

Add the trees. Objects like ornaments, little Santas and elves, a sleigh, or other Christmas and Winter themed decor would be great choices.

We like that one of the trees is taller than the container so think outside of the box as you choose your decor.

Adjust and tweak. Add more snow if necessary. Necessary means whatever your eyes tell you. There is no right or wrong here.

Try creating texture by adding little trees outside the vase.

Now find the finished project a home.

This 1950's coffee table makes a lovely place to land and the lights will brighten up time we visit with friends.

Here are a few more phots to see the centerpiece from all angles.

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