Where can I purchase replacement fuses?

Where can I purchase replacement fuses?

Most Christmas light strings have little plastic envelopes of replacement bulbs with an extra fuse as well.

In the event that you accidentally blow a second fuse before realizing that there is a maximum number of Christmas light strings that can be strung together you may have the question:

Where can I find a fuse?

Fuses for Christmas lights can be easily purchased at the following types of stores:

  • auto parts
  • big-box retailers (in the automotive department)
  • hardware stores

If your entire string of lights goes out, more than likely, the fuse is blown and changing it out should solve the problem. (If you light strings male plug has a fuse, that is! Most mini light and LED light strings are fused. Some larger, commercial strings are not constructed with fuses so this will vary based on your light string.)

Changing a fuse is easy.

Open a little door in your male plug end to check the fuse. If it is slightly blackened and if the wire that connects the ends of the fuse is broken, the time has come to search out a replacement.

Go armed with the rating of the fuse or take the blown fuse with you to use to match with a new one. Make sure the ratings stay identical.

Switching out the fuse is easy with a tiny flathead screwdriver. After opening the fuse door, use the screwdriver to gently pry out the fuse then insert a replacement. Before plugging the set back in, make sure you've figured out what caused the fuse to go out.

Here are a couple of handy videos about Christmas light string fuses:

Lastly, it can't go without mentioning again that it's important to save those little packages of replacement bulbs and fuses when you receive your Christmas light strings. Store them in a larger bag labeled with an exact description of the products they accompanied.