Warm or Cool White LED Christmas Lights

Warm or Cool White LED Christmas Lights


Hi, this is Shellie over at Christmas Light Source, and I've had so many questions lately about white LED Christmas lights. What's cool, what's warm. Then, I thought, I'd grab a couple of sets. These were just hanging out near my desk. I thought I'd grab them and show them to you and talk just a little bit about warm and cool LED Christmas lights.

Here in my left hand is a set of cool white on white wire M5, or mini ice LED Christmas lights. And, here on the right, I've got a set of raspberry. And these are, like, little balls. Texas blueberries, Texas size blueberries, in warm white. And those are on green wire. We do offer these, also, on white wire. But what you can see is that, even though they're white, they tend to come. . . the light throws from different parts of the color spectrum.

The cool or pure white are a little brighter, a little hotter. These are very complimentary to any kind of commercial lighting that tends to have a blue tone. Or, if you've made that decision that you like that icy, snowy, sharp look of the cool LEDs, then this is definitely the way to go. And we do have both of these colors in nets, to go along with the strings that we offer.

And here, in the warm white, warm white is easier to mix with traditional mini lights because it throws closer to that yellowy spectrum than an incandescent does. So even though they're both white, you've got warm, which throws more yellow, and is compatible with traditional mini lights, more so. And then you've got your pure, which is a little cooler, and looks great with industrial lighting or all by itself. Wouldn't really mix the two. But, you know, it's your project!

Anyway here, I'm going to put them right up close. These are hard to video. And I'm sorry they don't come out looking the way I see them at the moment. But I'm going to hold them right up to the camera. And what's neat is they seem to come into focus if I hold them up here. There we go. And I'll be still.

So that gives you an idea of cool and warm LED Christmas lights because, you know, everybody's starting to think about that, this time of year. So the question is, are you warm, or are you cool?