St Patricks Day Glass Block Project

St Patricks Day Glass Block Project

We are always looking for new ideas to decorate for holidays using materials that we have on hand and easy to find, inexpensive add-ons.

This is a perfect project for a rainy day or for Spring Break days off with your kids.

Seeing these window clings at the Dollar Spot, we knew they were perfect for a quick St Patrick's Day project.

Materials List:

  • Glass block - find these at your local craft and hobby store
  • Window clings - expect to spend $1-2
  • A set or two of lights - we used fairy battery lights for this project but a single strand of LED lights or crafts lights would make great choices as well. This is a perfect time to repurpose your Christmas light strings in March!

The products used: a glass block, window clings, and battery fairy lights.

Attach the window clings to your glass block.

Pop in the battery fairy lights.