Should I leave Christmas lights on all night?

Should I leave my Christmas Lights on all night?

Short Answer:

No, not really. Like all electrical appliances, Christmas lights must be operated under supervision.

While accidents and electrical malfunctions are rare, common sense dictates that turning off Christmas lights when not in use makes good sense.

Like not running the dishwasher or washing machine at night like moms have been suggesting for years.

You can make it easier to turn the lights off by letting your electronics remember for you.

Install Christmas timers on your outdoor and indoor displays to avoid midnight adventures in bare feet and a bathrobe to turn off lights.

I personally have a string of lights that drapes across shelves behind an area where I sit and write blogs like this and it is plugged into an amazon controlled outlet that allows me to set a schedule for operation and allows me to turn it on and off with a voice command using the Echo dots around the house.

Star Trek meets Christmas Lights.

This is my evening view. We love it.

Long Answer

See the short answer. That's it.