Get This Look: Edison Bulbs and Cord Patio Lights

Get This Look: Romantic Edison Bulbs Light a Tucson Patio

Visiting Tuscon's 2022 Gem and Mineral Show, a cozy patio and a lovely pinot noir was the perfect way to end the day. Spring is a perfect time to visit Arizona and enjoy views like this.



Imagine cozy evenings bathed in the warm glow of vintage-inspired lighting. Forget harsh fluorescents or sterile white lights. We're talking about weaving magic with retro-style glass Edison bulbs and cords, creating a patio sanctuary.

For this project, an electrician was hired to cut the light cords to perfectly hug the dimensions of the patio cover. Clips were strategically installed before and after each bulb socket to ensure a clean installation line. 

The bulbs are truly the stars of the show. Manufactured with a faint amber tint, they cast a warm, inviting light that harks back to a bygone era. The traditional incandescent filaments within these bulbs emanate a soft, inviting glow that beckons you to unwind and soak in the atmosphere. (All that's missing is a favorite evening beverage.) 

Safety First: A Luminous Reminder

Before you embark on your own patio lighting adventure, a friendly reminder: always work with a qualified electrician to ensure your safety. It's crucial to never overload a circuit, and a certified professional can advise you on the proper wattage limitations. In general, a standard breaker can handle a maximum of 1000 watts.

We hope this project kickstarts your creativity and inspires you to transform your patio into a haven of warm light and nostalgic charm. 

Originally published 6/17/2022

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A comfy set of furniture around a wonderful fire table made the evening cozy. Good friends and conversation made it a night to remember.