Video: Magnetic Light Clips

Video: Magnetic Light Clips


Hi, this is Shellie Gardner out at Christmas Light Source, and I just wanted to show you our magnetic Christmas light clips.

You can see this one's already attached to a C9 socket. They come in either a C9 or a slightly smaller C7 version. You can see the magnet right on the end. You'll see that your light will actually be pointing this way or this way, depending on how you install it. There is a clip on the side and that's a nice snug fit. So it might take a little umph to get that on there, but we have found that it's better to twist the clip as opposed to twisting your socket, that that seems to work better.

And one note of caution -- there are a lot of surfaces out there now that look like they're metal, that look like they'd work with a magnet. But we want to suggest that before you order these, go ahead and grab a magnet from around the house and test your surface where you want to install these. And if your magnet sticks, order a couple of cases of these. And then you'll find that you're easily able to install Christmas lights in an area where in the past, you'd have to use a messy adhesive, or you'd have to drill holes. So have fun with our latest light clip addition. And you can find these at Christmas Light Source under Installation Hardware Clips. They're under clips, and they're in their own category.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas.