Summer Party Lights - Barns and Outdoor Spaces

Summer Party Lights - Barns and Outdoor Spaces

We recently enjoyed a fun outdoor party celebrating the 35th anniversary of two of our favorite people!

We loved working with them to help them out with lights for their party!


We love how the multi LED light strings outlined the barn rafters. The hostess commented that with the LED light strings and their neon signs, that's all the light they needed to prepare for the party the night before.

Before the sun went down....

What would a Texas party be without a fantastic and delicious plate of barbeque and sides? Props to Spicy C Barbeque!

There was plenty of light for the event! In Texas, one big win for the evening is that the lights didn't attract bugs! Victory!!

Battery lights hanging from the ancient trees.

Outdoor string lights between the trees made the seating area inviting.

C9 bulbs and cords above the back patio.

And for fun, the coolest neon lights. Everyone should have these in her life!

What a great concert!

A few extra strings of lights accented the porch cover.