Video and Project: Light a Pumpkin Centerpiece!

Video and Project: Light a Pumpkin Centerpiece!

Light an Autumn Centerpiece

Celebrate the change of seasons as leaves turn and October brings cooler temperatures with a quick and easy project.

This project requires the following items:

  • An Autumn leaf garland readily found in local craft and hobby shops (we like the richer colors shown in the video below)
  • 1-2 strings of battery micro drop fairy LED lights
  • A featured centerpiece - we like the faux white pumpkin shown in the video but a standard orange pumpkin - either real or fake - works as well
  • Floral accents like little white pumpkins
  • Floral accents to cover empty spaces and add texture

See the video below for a visual of all of the following assembly steps:

  1. Wind garland into a rough circle or oval, depending on your dining table or side table size.
  2. Gently install the battery lights, taking care to hide the wiring and distributing them evenly in the leaves
  3. Fill spaces with floral accessories
  4. Add the center-featured pumpkin

Additional Suggestions:

  • As mentioned above, different pumpkins - real, fake, alternate colors like teal and yellow
  • Accent the arrangement with real or fake mini-gourds
  • If the centerpiece will be located near an outlet, use a warm white LED light string and plug it into an outlet
  • Use different colors of battery lights
  • Substitute Burlap for the leaf wreath (See another suggestion video below)