Green 12-volt LED Christmas Lights on Green Wire

Green 12-volt LED Christmas Lights on Green Wire


This is a set of 12-volt DC Christmas lights on green wire. You can see that there is a light section which is plugged into a 15-foot extension section that plugs into an accessory outlet.

Now, this light section has 20 green LED bulbs -- you see, that's how they work -- 20 green LED bulbs spaced 6 inches apart. That's 9.5 feet of lit length and has male and female coaxial end plugs.

Note that the LEDs are designed as a single unit. This resists corrosion, which means they cannot be removed or replaced. If one bulb goes out, the others will stay lit. Up to 30 light sections can be connected end to end using a single adaptor cord if you'd like.

These lights are also rated for indoor and outdoor use. Have a Merry Christmas or Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm Shelly at Christmas Light Source.