Get this Look: C7 Smooth Orange LED Bulbs and Cords for Halloween

Get this Look: Light Jack-o'-lanterns!

This project is lit with a single box of 25 C7 smooth orange LED bulbs installed in the customer's C7 Christmas Cord. They use SMD style LEDs so are about 30% brighter than last generation bulbs. They fit a standard commercial 10 AWG C7 cord with E12 sockets. (That's the same size as a night light if you aren't sure what cord you have on hand.)

Here is what Patrick had to say:

I was looking for replacements for my C7 incandescent bulbs, found the Minleon and was very excited. These fit the bill very nicely, color is perfect and the brightness rivals the incandescent bulbs. This year only using indoors so cannot speak for how they handle the elements, will try that next year. Shipping was quick. I've attached some pictures the bulbs are in the Pumpkins only.


Additional photos of this fun project:


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