Get this Look: Clear Glass Icicle Lights, Hot Tub Pergola

Hot Tub Pergola - Lights

Who doesn't love romantic evenings on the back deck? We know we do! Especially if hot tubbing is involved!

Only 2 sets of glass clear icicle light sets were required to add this much fun to an already beautiful outdoor spa oasis.

Here is what the customer had to say.

Nice Lights

The icicle lights came quickly and worked fine. They look good around the hot tub.

Andrew M.

We agree. They do look good.

These icicle lights look great because the longest drop measures 24 inches which is much longer than many icicle lights on the market.

The lights are easy to install using your choice of clips, nails, or wire ties. Quik Klips are one of our favorite clip solutions. They are shipped with a small nail minimizing permanent damage to the pergola.

Now it's margarita time!

Here is our favorite recipe. Cheers!