Get This Look: LED Christmas Lights, Decorating a Chick-fil-a with Christmas Lights

Houston Chic-Fil-A

If you live in the Houston area, be sure to head over to the N. Loop 610 & Shepherd Chick-fil-A this season to enjoy their Christmas light display and a #1 meal with fries and a shake.

We love this combination of multi, red, and blue LED Christmas lights. Here is a quick guide to help you get the look whether you are planning a display for a restaurant, store, or home. Be sure to scroll down to see more photos.

We aren't sharing how many of each item are in the photos because you'll need to roughly measure your roofline, shrubs, and trees to determine the numbers for your project's shopping list.



We love the the traditional look of C9 bulbs. Using LED in this project keeps operating costs low since they use a fraction of the power required by traditional C9 replacement bulbs. This style of cord can be cut to fit so a few male gilbert plugs are a handy thing to add to your supply list.

See the photos below to see images of the roofline outlined with both multi and warm white bulbs in different years.


Purchase one stake for every bulb along your drive or walkway. Note that this type of stake only works with traditional C7 or C9 cords and does not work with LED light strings constructed with wiring harnesses like Christmas light strings.


These lights were used to wrap up into the trees. The ability to run a large number of sets in series makes these a great choice for trees. Choose your favorite color and shape. Choose from any of these LED Christmas lights. Be sure to check the specifications as you design your display because they can vary between bulb shapes and colors.

While they aren't necessary, tree clips are handy to help secure the lights strings when working with small branches.


Net lights are an easy pick for box hedges. Choose your favorite color to coordinate with trees and rooflines.

Almost too bright for photos!!

We hope, if you are local, that you'll be able to drive through this year.

What's your favorite chicken combo? My favorite is 3 chicken strips, waffle fries, and diet lemonade. I find this meal is nicely complemented with the magical Chick-fil-a sauce, basic buttermilk ranch, and lights.