DIY: Raffia Easter Eggs in a Vase!

DIY: Raffia Easter Eggs in a Vase!

Any of our readers know we love quick and easy projects to add light to our homes all year. We're so excited that Spring is just around the corner that we grabbed a few items from our decor center - yes the part of our office that looks like a craft store descended and at times exploded - to pull a few project pieces for Easter.


  • vase or container
  • pastel raffia Easter eggs - any Spring or Easter themed object that can be seen through works great for this project (ie. small grapevine balls)
  • battery lights
  • 5 minutes

For this project, we grabbed warm white LED micro drop lights. These last over 100 hours on a single set of 3 fresh CR batteries.

(Note, rechargeable batteries don't work well in battery lights.)

The raffia balls. We found these at either the Target One Spot or Hobby Lobby.

Prep the battery lights by wrapping them around your container. We found this vase that reminds us of an oversized milk bottle at IKEA.

Leave the battery pack on the outside of the container if you can so it can be easily turned on and off.

Just pop your pre-wound or pre-formed light string into the container. Easy!

Add the eggs taking care not to overstuff or smash down the lights. We like to leave the battery lights on while we do this to give instant feedback of where the lights are in relation to the filler and how much are visible or hidden.


Put this project on an entryway table, in a guest bath or use it as part of a centerpiece!

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