5-minute project: Valentines Accent Jar

Valentines Accent Jar

Now that Christmas is stored away, we are turning our attention to red, pink, and white for February.

This is the first of our 5-minute series of projects as we focus on providing inspiration to repurpose lights for fun all year.


Pink storage jar

Battery lights

Double-sided tape


Scissors (Don't mind a rough edge that no one can see? Then no scissors.)

See! We said this would be quick. Gathering materials should only take a couple of minutes.

The Process Photos

All of the materials.

Put a little piece of double-sided tape on the lid part of the jar lid. This is that critical point where you can accomplish this task neatly with scissors or rip off a piece with wild abandon.

Press the battery box snugly against the tape. Then pop the lights in the jar, center the lid, and screw on the ring.

Well done. We like this little project on the counter in a guest bath. Several in a row would add a nice touch to a mantle. Share photos of your project on social and tag us. @christmaslightsource