Christmas Lights Personality Quiz


      Christmas Lights Personality Quiz

      Christmas Lights Personality Quiz

      Take our quick (non-scientific quiz) for a quick analysis of your Christmas lights personality type!

      What color Christmas lights do you like?

      1. Clear. Definitely clear.
      2. Red, Green, Blue
      3. Multi Color
      4. Pink, Teal, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Frosted.........

      What styles of Christmas lights do you like?

      1. Just mini lights and that's fine with me
      2. I like the traditional C7 and C9 lights - I like changing out the bulbs and using them all year
      3. I am really getting into the new LED lights - I like to save money on my electricity bill and they look cool
      4. All kinds. Traditional, LED, Chasing, synchronized. You name it, I love it.

      When do you put up your lights?

      1. 2 weeks before Christmas
      2. Thanksgiving Break
      3. Middle of November
      4. After the kids get in from trick or treat

      When do you take your lights down?

      1. After Christmas dinner
      2. January 2
      3. February though I turn off the timer in January
      4. Down? Who needs to take them down?

      How do you use Christmas lights to decorate for Christmas?

      1. I like a few clear mini lights on the tree.
      2. I like multi color lights on the Christmas tree that flash and I use clear mini lights to accent a wreath above my fireplace. I like to outline my roof and walkway with just one color of traditional lights - like clear, red or blue.
      3. I really like to decorate the outside of my house Christmas. I outline my house in lights, wraps the trees, use net lights on my shrubs and for a little spice I like to add some lights here and there that twinkle and blink.
      4. I love Christmas and I look forward to putting up my Christmas lights all year. I love all kinds of lights and enjoy finding new ways to use them. My garage, fence and all my trees are fair game and I love seeing folks slow down to see my work. Automation is great and my house was #3 on You Tube last year.