Get This Look: Sculpture Clips - Over 4000 lights installed on frames!

Get This Look: Over 4000 lights installed on frames!

We are so thankful that one of our customers shared this fantastic photo that features over 4000 lights installed on these whimsical yard sculptures. Well done!!

Using sculpture clips make the job easier and oriented the bulbs along the frames. The alternative is to use wire ties.

Not fun.

You can find sculpture clips online.


Follow the instructions on the sculpture clips to make sure the clips will fit your frame

If your frame has been painted or is an older model, measure in different places. Sculpture clips are meant to fit snugly and you may have to use more than one size if there is variation in your frame

Don't go "small" or make a guess on size - these clips are rigid and must match your frame

These clips are tailored for traditional mini lights but work with a few of our LED lights with smaller bases. We carry LED sculpture clips that have a slightly larger "light" side to accommodate our LED light strings.

Check the guidelines on our website to see if they'll work with the lights you purchase from us. If you are using traditional, incandescent mini lights like the photo above, the standard sculpture clips should work fine.

We don't know if these sculpture clips will work with lights purchased from another source. Order a box or two to try out if you aren't sure.

We'd love to see photos of your projects!

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