Christmas Lights Recycling and The Weather Channel!

Christmas Lights Recycling and The Weather Channel!

Last Saturday, December 4th, a producer from the Weather Channel called to ask me to talk about recycling Christmas lights - so exciting.

It was a wonderful opportunity to reach out to let people know that lights don't have to end up in a landfill.

Unexpected Circumstances!

It just so happens that I was 5 hours from home helping sort out family issues and staying with a cousin who graciously let me set up in her dining room in front of her festive Christmas tree. Fortunately, I had packed an emergency turtleneck and a large barrel curling iron was easy to find on short notice!

My cousin, Karen (the best kind of Karen), took these photos and show exactly how lovely and homey her place is decorated for the Holidays.

7:40 am and no coffee!
Second interview at 9:40 am

Interview High Points

These were the main points covered.

  1. When Christmas lights are ready to retire—they don't come on, half the bulbs are out and changing the fuse doesn't help, the wiring is showing signs of wear—they can be recycled. Check local news for news of a hardware store or similar hosting a Christmas lights recycling drive. Call local metal recyclers to see if they accept lights.
  2. Recyclers reclaim as much material as possible—glass, copper, plastic. The most important and valuable component is copper which has doubled in recycling value over the last 12 month. The materials are reintroduced into the supply chain instead of languishing in a landfill.
  3. If lights have never been used and are still in their original packaging, consider donating them to a local charity shop.
  4. If there are no local options, pack them up in the smallest possible box or mailing bag with no extra filler and send them to us. We'll combine them with other lights and take them to a local recycler. Every cent redeemed is used to purchase educational toys and books and are donated to Toys for Tots turning one person's trash into happy Christmas morning smiles.

The address to send lights to is:

Christmas Light Source
Recycling Program
4313 Elmwood Dr.
Benbrook, TX 76116

Here are a few photos of Dave and his red truck at the recycling facility. Shipping boxes are submitted to a city recycling program.

2020 Toys for Tots Drop Off

Additional details can be found on the Christmas Light Source Recycling Program page.