Christmas Lights Recycling Program

Have broken lights you'd like to recycle? Our Christmas lights recycling program is continuing for 2023!!  Thank you to everyone who participated in 2022!

Delivering books and toys to Mission Arlington! 


Christmas Lights Recycling Program

This program is active all year, and we save all recycling proceeds for this year's charity donation. On top of helping children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can feel good knowing that your lights didn't end up and a landfill and were appropriately recycled in the U.S.

The idea of a recycling program has always sounded like the right and responsible thing to do, but the implementation of such a task was a challenge. The thought of used Christmas lights being carted off to a landfill after bringing joy to so many passersby just didn't seem right to us, but very few recycling centers had the capabilities of recycling the glass, copper and plastic from Christmas light sets. Luckily, we found a recycling solution near Dallas and have been running this program since 2008. We found a local recycling company who will take your lights and recycle the copper, glass and plastic. They pay a small amount per pound of lights - like the money you get for aluminum cans.

All proceeds from the Christmas lights recycling program are used to purchase books, toys, backpacks, and necessities to benefit children who need them.

Here's how you can participate in our program to get your lights recycled, get a discount on your next order of Christmas lights, and support Toys for Tots at the same time:

1. Box up your old, broken Christmas lights into the smallest box that will accommodate the lights and send them to us in the cheapest and slowest way at:

Note:  We have a new address for our recycling program. If you've participated in the past, please use the following address:

Christmas Light Source
Recycling Program
4313 Elmwood Drive
Benbrook, TX 76116

2. Please include your name and email address (mandatory if you want the discount code - we won't save it or sell it) and we'll email you a code that will be good for 10% off a single order of Christmas lights (one rebate coupon per household).

3. Then we'll take the lights, have them recycled, and take the proceeds from the recycling and use them to buy books, educational games, puzzles and toys!

4. These items will then be donated to charities that benefit children all year long. 

Thank you so much for your overwhelming participation!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.