Repurposing Christmas lights after the Season!

Repurposing Christmas lights after the Season!

Before uninstalling, organizing, and storing your Christmas lights, consider giving them a second look. You might find the perfect string of lights to brighten a patio or fenceline to add cheer to what's left of winter.

It's all about the bulbs.

Traditional white incandescent or LED bulbs and cords work equally well along a roofline or draped across a backyard patio or sitting area.


  1. Using your Christmas bulbs as they are with different installation hardware and a new location.
  2. Substituting round bulbs for the longer traditionally shaped C7 and C9 bulbs to accent your outdoor living spaces. See how many choices there are at outdoor light strings.

Questions about size and shape?

Here is a quick article discussing available bulb shapes and bases. Most of these shapes come in both incandescent and LED varieties. Choose to either use your Christmas light cords with their C7 or C9 bulbs, or replace them with round for backyard use.


Need Inspiration? Here is one of our favorite customer installations.


Bulbs and cords also find a happy home lighting fences.


Three Command hooks and a string of Christmas tree lights make wall art or a great zoom background.