Vintage Video: Pure White LED Craft Lights on Green Wire

led christmas craft lights


Hi, this is Shellie out at Christmas Light Source. I'm here just to give you a quick look at our 20 Pure White LEDs on green wire.

These craft lights have just one single plug, and you can see that you can plug in another set of craft lights right on top of them, should you need to. And they have on-string rectification, which is going to reduce flicker. And best of all, they have a 36 inch lead wire between that plug and the first LED. The LEDs are about three inches apart, which gives you a total lit length of 4.75 feet. These light strands are especially nice for stuffing into wine bottles, or to glass bricks or other projects where you want to light them from within.

You can see that these little cylinders, they're cylinders that are about a quarter of an inch tall. But in a close up picture you can see that in the plastic there's a type of cone. The cone shape within the plastic is what makes these lights throw more light than any of the other LED shapes. So you're going to get some really intense and lovely pinpoints of light.

Now, you can see this strand of lights, and you can also see a bunch of other lights in green and white wire in a ton of different colors at LED Craft Lights.

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