Parade of Lights: lighting cars for parades

Parade of Lights - Lighting cars for a parade

The weather this past weekend was absolutely perfect for the Fort Worth Parade of Lights.

John has a Model A and since we're friends he texted me about lights. πŸ˜€

His car runs on a 6-volt system so we decided his best option to supply power 1000's of lights was to use a battery and inverter system.

David (that's Robinson, my husband) and John pulled strings of lights and nets from our project stash and John installed them on his car using an inventive combination of tape, zip ties, and huge rubber bands to join the lights across the door seam and to the area near the hood.

He said, to do it again, he'd use windshield tape.

Be sure to test any kind of adhesive tape on your car's paint in an inconspicuous spot. Consider removing the lights as quickly as you can using a spray wax to loosen the adhesive.

If you have any doubt about your paint, keep the tape on glass (off of any film installed on the windows) and chrome.


  • LED string lights and net lights
  • Windshield tape
  • Big rubber bands
  • Inverter
  • Automotive battery
  • Splitter
  • Extension cords

Notes from John on materials:

Total of 37 strings

Battery started at 13.5v ended at 11.7v with about 2.5-3 hr use

Battery came from my 2000 impala, inverter was a 15 yr old harbor freight inverter

Here's are the photos of the car, the install, and the parade.We hope you are as inspired as we were.

Here is John's Model A. So cool!!

Here are photos of the lights installed on the car.

Net lights on the side of the car
Along the roofline
Across the hood
Dad and 13-year old checking things out
See the rubber band holding the lights in place
Car battery
Inverter Specs
The setup!
Extension cord
Install at the door handle
Wire ties in action
More rubber bands bridging the gap near the hood

This Jeep was pretty cool! Love the color and the net lights on the hood.

Ready for a ride in the rumble seat!!!

View of the side

As great as everything looked at 4:30 pm, after dark everything was truly stunning.

Enjoy these photos of the parade.

The Fort Worth Parade of Lights is a family tradition. We love that it sets the tone for the season. Each year, we never know what to expect from the weather but this year was a light jacket kind of evening and it was super.

I hope you are as inspired by the entries as we were.

Finally! Entry number 69!!

Photos snapped after the parade!

We made the paper!!

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