Get this Look: 12 Volt Multicolor LED Lights Strings, Light Up a Truck for Christmas

Light Up a Truck for Christmas

Larry has been a long time customer of 12-volt multicolor Christmas lights.

Here is what he had to say:

Look great I have ordered sets of these and have them on our vehicles and my son put them on his boat and golf cart. All work perfectly and get lots of compliments.

These light sets work so well on vehicles for the following reasons:

  • 12 volt DC - ready to run off the vehicle battery
  • A standard male accessory adapter plug
  • Heavier duty wiring tailored for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Sealed LEDs to resist water penetration
  • Coaxial-style connecting plugs have a firm grip and provide a water-resistant connection.
  • Up to 30 of the 9.5 foot light sections can be connected end to end with a single adapter cord

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