Get This Look: Warm White 12 Volt Lights, Deck Out Your Ride

Light up a classic car

Summer parades are just around the corner. Twelve-volt string lights make lighting a car for a night time event quick and easy.

We love how 5 strings of multicolor, and single strings of warm white and red lit up this 1960's era Cadillac for a Christmas parade. Find these colors and others in our 12 volt light string collection.

Tips for use

Use painters tape to install lights to the inside of windows after confirming in an inconspicuous place that there is no film that will be damaged on the windows.

Standard and velcro zip ties work well for installing lights on grills. Be sure to protect chrome with a layer of felt or protective material of your choice.

Common sense comment: Be cautious when lights are installed directly on the painted areas of the vehicle and remove them after short term events to prevents marking the paint that might occur during daily driving.

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