Get this Look! Retro red and green bulbs

Retro Christmas Bulbs Green and Red

We love this sweet project outlined with vintage-style red and green painted C9 bulbs. The retro look is easy with traditional glass, incandescent bulbs that are just like what folks used in the '70s. They are still a favorite of many of our customers who love the look.

This project is the first of this customer's installation for the season. We hear that next come the blow molds. Fantastic!!


Tips for Installation

  1. Always order extra bulbs as replacements when working with traditional glass bulbs.
  2. Don't plug more than 200 of these 7 watt bulbs into a single household breaker.
  3. 100-foot cords don't have end plugs. Start your installation from the center of your project and branch out in two directions.
  4. These traditional 18 AWG cords can be cut to fit. Terminate the cord by installing a female gilbert plug, wrapping the end with electrical tape, or dipping it into liquid electrical tape.
  5. Never run more than 250 feet of 18 AWG wire in a single series run regardless of the type of bulbs used.
  6. Have electrical questions? Be sure to work with a master electrician to make sure the project is electrically sound.

We'd love to see your Christmas light display as well. Attach a photo to a comment below.

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