Easter Egg Lights

Easter Egg Lights

We love this fun project - so quick and easy. Perfect for an Easter weekend party.

Required materials:

  • Inexpensive Plastic Easter Eggs
  • One string of mini lights (or more if you'd like!)
  • Drill driver and an assortment of drill bits


1. David tried out 3 different drill bits to find the size hole that closest matched the base of the string of mini lights. For our standard mini lights, the drill bit of choice was 3/16".

For a string of LED lights with a slightly larger base, you'd need to try the next size up. A snug fit over the base of the light didn't require any type of hot glue to keep the eggs on the lights.

2. Here's a shot of what that drilled hole looks like:

3. Just repeat and pop an egg onto every bulb.

4. As the sun goes down, these lights just look so pretty.

Let us know if you try this project in the comments below.

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