Decorating a Baby Shower with Mini Lights

A baby shower should be an exciting and memorable event for the expecting mommy and for her guests.  The decorations for a baby shower can range from very simple to ornate, but no matter what type of theme is chosen, it's easy to incorporate mini lights into the decor. 

Mini lights are the ideal decorating accent for a baby shower.  Our mini light set of 50 lights spaced 2.5 inches or 4 inches apart have several fantastic decorating possibilities.  Our pink and blue mini lights come on either a white or a green wire, so they can easily compliment any décor.

A great way to decorate the perimeter of the room is to purchase tulle, (mesh fabric found at fabric stores), in blue, pink, or white, and then wrap a strand of lights around the tulle.    If you're not sure whether a boy or a girl is expected, use white tulle with white mini lights.  Swag the tulle with the light strand wrapped around it and swag the length around the room every two or three feet.  Finish off the look with large bows.  This is especially attractive for an evening shower, lending warm light to the space.  If you like, hang small items such as booties, bibs, hairbrushes, pacifiers, or other small baby items from the tulle or under the bows, and the mini lights will cast a pretty glow onto the items.

If someone has gifted the mommy-to-be with a crib, consider assembling it and using it as a focal point.  Weave blue mini lights, pink mini lights, or white mini lights, through the slats, and then use the crib to hold the baby's gifts. 

Battery operated mini lights are the perfect choice to use in the table centerpieces.  Use them wrapped around great bunches of tulle, or on mirrors for a soft and inviting glow.  Our battery operated white mini lights give an appetizer table or buffet table a tasteful look, and are especially handy in areas where an electric outlet isn't readily available.   

For an elegant baby shower theme, use satin or organza on the gift table or cake table, and then use blue, white, or pink mini lights intertwined with the fabric to decorate the perimeter of the table.  Mini lights "swagged" around the table edges would be attractive as well. 

In one corner of the room, hang a new length of clothesline and wrap mini lights around the line.  Use this to hang infant onesies, sleepers, hats, or diapers for a unique and cute decoration.  Send the items hung on the line home with the guest of honor.

Perhaps you're having a baby shower outside in the garden or back yard.  Pink or blue pastel opaque C7 or C9 lights would be a beautiful outline along the garden area, especially in the evening.  However, if your guests arrive before the sun goes down, these opaque lights look great even when they aren't lit, giving you a bit of color during daylight hours.  Another great way to use opaque lights is to decorate is to wind them around stakes lining a sidewalk or path, naturally drawing your guests to the party.

Don't hesitate to use mini light sets on fences, balconies, patios, artificial trees, or banisters to give you soft light and an inviting ambiance to your baby shower.  Mini lights can be used in almost every manner that streamers can be used, but are much brighter and prettier than every day paper streamers.

Author: Shellie Gardner