What Are the Big Christmas Lights Called?

The Short Answer

The larger “cone-shaped” bulbs are called C9.

The Longer Answer

C9 bulbs are larger than the more common C7 bulbs, with a diameter of approximately 1.125 inches. They have a classic rounded globe shape and are often used for outdoor displays or larger indoor decorations. C9 bulbs are popular for those who want to create a bold and dramatic display.

C9 bulbs come in various colors and styles, including classic white, multi-colored, and even LED options. Before purchasing, you must check the wattage and any safety warnings to ensure that the bulbs are appropriate for your intended use.

So there you have it -- the big Christmas lights are called C9 bulbs. Whether you prefer classic white or a festive multicolored display, C9 bulbs offer a versatile and affordable option for your holiday décor.