Patriotic Glass Blocks

Patriotic Glass Blocks


We had so much fun with our 4th of July lantern project and we had leftover window clings that we HAD to do a project with glass blocks too!

Quick and easy, this project translates to any season.


  • Glass blocks - we use two sizes, readily available at your local craft store
  • Lights - we used red, white and blue and also a string of white craft lights on white wire, check your stash and use what's handy or order lights now for 4th of July
  • Window clings - we've found these at Target and the dollar store


Find your glass blocks, spritz them with a little window cleaner and visualize your finished project. You'll be seeing it finished in about 8 minutes.

Open the window clings. You'll need scissors. This is the hardest part of your project. Don't try using your teeth, this plastic packaging is impenetrable.

We love glass blocks accented with vinyl but these gel clings are becoming a favorite in the studio.

Slightly artistic (blurry) photo of our second set of clings!!

You just need enough clings for a single side.

Stick on the clings.

The lights! This light string has 50 incandescent bulbs so we are using this in our largest glass block. With an open side - these blocks can be used as vases - the heat generated by the bulbs can escape so this block can keep it's cool.

Do not overstuff your container or cap it off. Built-up heat will shorten the life of the string light and will cause the color to quickly fade.

This is a shorter set of craft lights - 35 bulbs - so it's a better choice for our smaller block.

Stuff the lights into the block!

The wire fits right under the groove of the block. Thirty-six inches of lead wire makes it easy to plug right into an outlet without messing up the look of your vanity with an extension cord.

Here's our happy larger block. After completing this project, we noticed that the light blue words were almost invisible. Note to self: When choosing window clings for light projects - GO DARKER!!

Lesson learned. Still pretty.

Here the glass blocks have escaped the photo studio and are happily lighting up a guest bathroom countertop!! They'd work equally well in an entryway or kitchen counter. If you decorate that area above your kitchen cabinets these would be a great summer accent.

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