DIY: Birthday Party Lights and Glass Blocks!

DIY: Birthday Party Lights and Glass Blocks!

Birthday parties are a wonderful way to mark milestones in a person's life. Decorating can be overwhelming but this easy DIY project takes at least a little of the stress out of the celebration!


  • Craft lights
  • Glass block
  • Vinyl or adhesive letters
  • Lantern

Glass blocks come in all sizes and are readily available at Hobby Lobby or your local craft and decor store. For this project we chose the 6x3 size because we wanted a small footprint on the bottom of the project.

Most glass blocks look best lit with lights on white wire since the light reflects the wire color. This shorter 20-light string is "all-purpose" and never stay stored between projects for very long.

We had these custom vinyl decals made for Owen's big day.

If custom decals aren't available, this style of adhesive letters can be found at most big box stores. We found these at the hobby store near the science project posterboard supplies.

Owen will be thrilled to see these sitting around at his party.


Applying the letters is the hardest part of this project. Be sure to apply even pressure on the transfers.

Insert the lights. Almost finished!


Add to the other party decorations. Shellie misses when Owen used to like dinosaurs -- about 6 years ago!

For additional lighting add to lanterns. This basic IKEA lantern is easy to use all year. After the party, this lamp will live in the bathroom for a while then the vinyl will be removed in time to decorate a wedding photo shoot!

Lights make any party better.