Get this Look: Craft Lights in a Glass Block

Get this Look: Light a glass block, add a bow!

Fun project using craft lights

We love how easy it is to create a "faux gift" with a glass block, a string of craft lights, and a bow that matches the surrounding decor.

Twenty years ago, a hole had to be drilled through the entire thickness of the block and required a sure hand, special equipment, and safety glasses. Now, hobby stores carry glass blocks that are open on one short side making it easy to pop in a favorite light string. We like to use "craft lights" that are made with a single male plug and a 36" length of wire between the plug and first bulb.

To see all of the craft lights, click here.

Remember that glass lights will heat up during operation and should not be "crammed" into a small space or capped off so heat can't escape. Overheating will burn off paint and shorten the lifespan of the light string.

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