Get This Look: C7 LED Light Strings

C6 LED light string

This house is outlined with strings of pre-wired multi-color C7 light sets.

These plug and play strings are constructed in series like a set of Christmas tree lights and the bulbs cannot be removed or replaced. Their uni-body, ultra-low current construction makes them easy to install since over 80 strings can be run in series and plugged into a single outlet.

The 25 bulbs on this string are 8 inches apart and each string is just over 17 feet long with about 16.4 inches of lit length.

Most average-sized 3 bedroom/2 bath houses need about 12-20 strings of lights to complete this project. Measure the length of your roofline from the ground and add about 10% extra to arrive at your home's number.

Don't forget clips to install the lights along the shingle or open gutter edge. Because these are pre-wired sets instead of traditional C7/C9 cords, each light has a smaller sized base that won't be compatible with some styles of clips.


Consider these two choices in clips:

  1. all application clips - this clip has a notch that fits smaller based LED and incandescent mini light bases
  2. all in one clips plus. - the ends of the clips can be twisted over each other to hold the bulb bases in a vice-like grip.

We'd love to see how you are installing lights this season. Please send us a photo via our contact page or tag us on Facebook and Instagram. @christmaslightsource