LED Bulbs: Comparing the Whites! 2022 Edition

LED Bulbs: Comparing the Whites!

This year, we are releasing Natural Pure White, the third available color white in our LED product line. Commercial C9 LED bulbs with E17 bases and 5mm light strings have been released for the 2022 season. More versions will follow next year.

Here is a photo comparing this new color with warm and pure white. We love the nearly neutral, rich color of Natural Pure.

These bulbs are compatible with standard commercial C9 Christmas cords with E17 bases.

The warm white looks a tad more yellow in this photo when compared to pure and natural pure whites than it does "in person". It continues to be our favorite color when mixed with glass bulbs and string lights.

By themselves, all of these colors appear fairly neutral but occupy different areas of the light spectrum.

Let's see the light strings! In a slightly different order than the photo of the bulbs, natural pure is between the OG colors.

We often hear from folks shopping for LED Christmas lights in the same color family as lights they have purchased. We hope that these photos will be of help to you if you are building on the foundation of an existing display.

Building a new display? Choose a favorite. (Remember that natural pure is not available yet in icicles or net lights.)

To continue researching, see this blog post comparing warm white to glass bulbs.


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LED Bulbs: Comparing the Whites!