100 3/16" Sculpture Clips, White


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  • Plastic
  • UV Resistant
  • Manufactured to fit on mini light style strings with standard-sized bases

Measure the frame before purchase

This is a must-not-skip step when planning your order. Even if the box your sculpture was shipped in has a diameter dimension, please take time to measure. Quality can vary and so can the size of the wire that makes the frame of your yard art.

The clips on this family of light strings are rigid and a 1/6" variance can make a significant difference.


1. Find an adjustable wrench

2. Tighten the wrench down snugly on your metal sculpture frame.

3. Gently slide the wrench off the frame and measure the gap. This is the diameter of your frame and should match this clip.

4. Repeat this process over several parts of your frame. The wire may vary in diameter or if your frame is vintage and has been repeatedly painted, the diameter may vary enough that you'll need to use a combination of sizes of clips to install or repair the lights on your frame.

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Specifications and Dimensions

Quantity 100 Material Plastic
Works With LED and Incandescent Mini Light Strings Color White
Applications 3/16" sculpture frame, Wire Frames, Wire Sculpture Requires Screws or Nails? No
Works on Gutters? N/A UV Resistant Yes
Height 9/16 inch Additional Info
Width 3/8 inch Additional Info

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Steve H. (Rochester, NY)
Easy Fix!

There I was, walking my dog, when I walked by a neighbors house which had two of those white wire Reindeer yard sculptures put to the curb. Looking at them, they looked to be in perfectly good shape, and I predicted that they were being discarded because the lights were out. I came back and picked them up, and plugged them in when I got home to find that I was correct, lights were dead. They were old, incandescent-style lights, and I figured that this must have happened to someone somewhere before, and that I could attach new, more efficient, LED lights. I went on YouTube and stumbled across a DIY video of how to attach new lights from Christmas Light Source. I purchased these light clips and new lights, and when all arrived, I was able to easily remove the old lights, and clip on my new lights to these Reindeer. They're sitting in my front lawn now! Shipping was quick, products were well packaged, and the instructions on the video made this a breeze; two 100-bulb Reindeer took less than an hour to fully re-light. Attaching these clips to the new lights first made this really easy. Should I ever find discarded wire sculptures again, I would buy these clips without hesitation.

Robert G. (Williamsport, PA)

Fast service, proper product received. Thank you.

Clips for outdoor displays

Just what we needed to repair our wire outdoor Christmas displays!

Julie I.
Light clips

Thought these would fit. Still slide on the wire. Fit the bulb fine.

Work great

Fit the light sockets nicely and fit frame firmly. Keeping extras on hand to repair broken mounts on other sculptures I have.


I ordered these clips to replace some Christmas lights on some yard art and they are great. Well made and fit the base of the lights as the frame of my sculpture. Measuring the frame with the adjustable wrench is a awesome tip that works really well in the event you don’t have any calipers. Great product and I would definitely recommend!!


I ordered these clips to replace some Christmas lights on some yard art and they are great. Well made and fit the base of the lights as the frame of my sculpture. Measuring the frame with the adjustable wrench is a awesome tip that works really well in the event you don't have any calipers. Great product and I would definitely recommend!!

Worked great

With hundreds of lights to restring these clips were a life saver and handled the job without issue

Good clip costs to much!

The setup, have a project new or even to up grade the lights on a frame, lets use 100 count string, light string costs $4-7, 3/16" round stock $2.45 for 12', paint $2, 100 3/16" clips $12, so the cheap plastic clips cost more than all the rest of the project. conclusion costs to much so don't do the project or through out the old christmas frames,lol.


I really bought these for another project, but the 1/4 clips were so loose, these saved the day. They hold the lights well, and stay put even on the oversized wire.

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