Classic Christmas Lights Style

Driving up and down the streets every Christmas brings back memories of your childhood.

Your home looks lovely at Christmastime: the tree in the front window with lights that flash, a lit wreath over your fireplace or on the front door, and a few lights outlining your roof and maybe your walkways and windows probably just one color or maybe a traditional red and white or multi-color theme.

Your lights may flash, but not in any synchronized way. Take a look at twinkle bulbs to jazz up your display if you haven't done so already. You might have splurged last year and bought a yard ornament, but a few of the bulbs have burned out and you're wondering if you'll haul it up from the basement.

Lights have changed over the years. Have you thought of going LED? Sticking with traditional?

Inventory your Christmas light stores early this year and inventory what is and isn't working. Ask yourself if you are going to continue with traditional lights or try LED.