The Canopy Crew and their fantastic Treehouses!

The Canopy Crew and their fantastic Treehouses!

We recently received these photos from the Canopy Crew.

From their website:

The Canopy Crew LLC is a custom tree house building and tree care company. We offer tree house rentals in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, build custom tree houses around the country, and take care of the trees in our home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. We only build tree houses in a style that puts as little stress on the tree as possible. Our goal is to get you into the Canopy. We perform tree care services such as pruning, dead-wooding, removal, crown reduction, insect inspection, cabling, tree planting and stump grinding. if your job involves trees, then we are interested. Our focus is on the safety of our crew and your property, and we have the insurance to back it up. Please contact us for a tree house consultation or a free estimate on tree care!

Enjoy these photos!

Get the Look!

Rope light spools are shipped with installation clips (see exact number on the specific spool under consideration) so keep that in mind before ordering extra clips.

Lights protected in a sealed tube and the sharp clean installation lines are our favorite things to love about rope light for projects like these. LED rope light uses up to 90% less power than traditional incandescent rope and are a fantastic solution for larger projects.

For those of us saving up for a treehouse installation, these lights are great for railings and fences.

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