Get This Look: Extra Bright Glass C7 Clear Bulbs, Retro Lights for a Mid-Century Home

C7 Magnetic Lights

We love the different elevations represented on this project. Outlined by white incandescent extra-bright C7 bulbs, it's a traditional look for a classic home.

Even though they are only a little over 2 inches long from base to tip, the 7-watt C7 bulbs used in this project have a high impact. Consider also using them to wrap large tree trunks.



  1. Estimate roofline measurements to determine the amount of cord, bulbs, and clips required.
  2. Choose glass or LED bulbs based on preference, budget, and style preference.
  3. Be sure to order an extra box of bulbs or two to account for losses during installation.
  4. Plan your project before climbing a ladder. Make note of electrical outlets and maximum power allowed per breaker based on breaker rating.
  5. Cut cords to fit then terminate the ends wtih liquid electrical tape, or a female plug.
  6. Make sure plugs and cords SPT rating match.

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