Get This Look: Warm White 12 Volt Light Strings, Lighting a Hayride!

Lighting a Hayride!

This project is one of our favorites. With a few sets of 12-volt lights, a fun covered wagon from fun to WOW, THAT'S FUN!!! Perfect for hayrides, parades, and parties, we hope this photo inspires you as much as it did us!

Get the look!

Tips for Installation

  1. Twelve-volt LED lights from Christmas Light Source come with a 15-foot adapter wire to provide enough distance to plug into a car or tractor accessory plug. After that first set of lights, the light sections of each package can be run end-to-end up to 30 sets in series.
  2. Each light section has 9.5 feet of lit length so measure how many 10-foot increments there are on your project and that's the number of light strings you'll need for the job. Be sure to keep unused extension wires handy in case the installed cord becomes damaged during use.
  3. No handy accessory plug? Use a small 12-volt marine battery and a 12-volt female to alligator accessory. (That's just a link. Not an affiliate. Be sure to read current reviews!) For a review of that product and a little visual explanation, watch the video below.
  4. Use wire ties, velcro ties, or electrical tape to secure the light to the frame of the wagon if required.
  5. Participating in a Christmas, 4th of July, or Valentine's event? Check out multi, blue, or red light strings for those projects. All of those are listed here.

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See the 12-volt lights here plus a good look at that adapter: