Time for Backyard Parties

Time for Backyard Parties

Imagine a cozy backyard illuminated by soft, twinkling lights or spanned with strings of patio lights. Picture a warm summer evening and a spacious patio gently lit with strings of warm white LED bulbs. It's a magical place to be - and you don't even need to catch a flight. Increase the magic with mini light strings delicately draped around tree branches, installed along the fence, or lighting the ceiling of a pergola.

All that's missing is you, friends, and a glass of iced tea or chilled chardonnay.

Add a large wooden table (or a handy 4x2 foot folding table that easily stores in the garage between evenings) covered with a vibrant tablecloth, adorned with flowers and colorful tableware. Add a basket of mosquito repellent if needed.

Imagine a group of friends and family, kicked back engaged in lively conversations.

The lighting is the easiest part of the project. Repurpose Christmas cords with round LED bulbs - we love warm white for summer parties when we aren't alternating red, white, and blue. Swing them across patios anchoring them to corners of your home and using a pole as a 3rd point of contact or the corner of an outdoor patio or outbuilding.

This bulb is one of our favorites. It fits a standard C9 Christmas cord with an E17 base.

G40 Warm White Smooth LED Bulbs E17 Bases (SMD)


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Lights, table, action. You have everything required for an evening filled with fun. It's a picturesque backyard party, with the twinkling lights lending a magical atmosphere to the gathering.